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501 - Mathew Ardoin

Updated: Dec 18, 2019


Confronting the Chaos of College

Here’s what you missed

This week we heard from our very own Pastoral Advisor, Mathew Ardion! He spoke to us about the chaos that is college and how to not get caught in the rabbit hole! (information rabbit hole that is!) He began by defining chaos as complete disorder or confusion. He went on to note that this chaos can present itself in two different ways, internal and external chaos. Internal chaos meaning, being disrupted by things within yourself, and external chaos, meaning, being disrupted by the things that are happening around you. In addition, these two types of chaos can influence each other meaning, your internal chaos can influence the way you live in the world around you, and your external chaos can influence the way you think interiorly. He then gave us three practical ways to begin confronting this chaos, these are cleaning your messy room (after all, your room is a reflection of the state of your soul), create clear boundaries between you and toxic people (those who create chaos) and pull back on things if you are overcommitted. While these things are essential to confronting your external chaos, in order to address your internal chaos it is important to have a rule of life, set the standards for your life that are non-negotiables. You honor what is important to you and you will never realize what is important to you if you never take a step back to look. Finally, and probably most importantly, PRAY! You will never know the voice of God if you never take the time to sit back and listen. 


How will you better listen to the voice of God this week?

What in your life is causing chaos?

How are you overcommitted? Is there anything you should step back from?

Did you clean your room?


We will be having a regular meeting next week centered around the topic - why God?

The following week will be our Halloween Party. You will have the opportunity to dress up with your families and participate in fun party games!

Praise God for you! - Communications Coordinator - Haley M. Gauthier

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