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General Meeting #1

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

General Meeting #1

Here’s what you missed! (sad face)

A special thank you to Fr. Ken who was our first speaker! He shared his testimony with us and opened our eyes to the powerful force that is true love. He also shared the impact community had on his life and how his relationships with his peers brought him back to the faith. In highlighting community he also spoke of the community we have with ourselves (self knowledge) and the community we have with God. How we live in all of these communities will shape us and shape the world around us. Everything we are plays a unique part of the community we live in. So as a John 15 community, let’s do something beautiful for God! 

Ponder this… 

How are you growing in self knowledge and letting your yes be yes and your no be no? 

How are you inviting yourself and others to accountability? 


Dues - please check your email, if you HAVE NOT paid your dues you should have received an email stating so with further instructions on how to pay them

Families - you were assigned to a group leader and a small group you will be meeting with these students for the rest of the year (and they are excited to meet you!)

Praise God for you! - Communications Coordinator - Haley M. Gauthier

See you next Wednesday at 7pm in the Wisdom Library!!

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