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General Meeting #5

General Meeting #5

Why the Catholic Church?

Here's what you missed!

Ms. Katie Austin gave us an awesome explanation of why the Catholic Church is the one, true, apostolic Church that Jesus founded. Basically in the Old Testament (Genesis 12:1-3), God made three promises to Abraham. To paraphrase, he promised him land, a kingdom, and a universal blessing. Later in the OT (in Exodus), we see the fulfillment of these promises in Moses as God gave him the Promised Land. We see the kingdom promise fulfilled with King David, the King after God’s own heart. Lastly, we see the universal blessing brought forth by the prophets. Unfortunately, these fulfillments did not sustain the people for very long, but thankfully Jesus comes to save the day (and the whole world...for all eternity). In the New Testament, Jesus mentions the “Kingdom” 90 times. We believe this “kingdom” on Earth is the Church. SO, who’s the King of this Kingdom on Earth? Well, who is a descendant of David? And the Son of God? You guessed it, it’s Jesus. Yay! God fulfills His promises. Now, every king needs a Royal Steward. This was the guy who had the keys to the kingdom and authority over the people. Jesus gives Peter the keys to the Kingdom (Matthew 16:16-19), and God’s promises continue to be fulfilled through Jesus! Back then, there was also 12 governors whose role was to feed and take care of the people. Can you guess? Yep. 12 Apostles. Where is the universal blessing going to come from? The Church, through Jesus in his Passion, death, and Resurrection. Lastly, every Kingdom needs a queen (1 Kings 2:19). The queen was always the mother of the King, and her role is to advocate on behalf of the people. God fulfills this through Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, the advocate to Jesus on our behalf! This is why we believe that the Catholic Church is the one, true church!

Written By: Abby Borque

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