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General Meeting #7 - Fr. Patrick Broussard

“We have to learn to pray... just like the first disciples who said, lord teach us how to pray” -SPJP2

We always have to seek him out and ask and honestly ask, "How do I pray?"

If you wanted to just learn, "What is prayer?", just read the catechism on prayer.

Cardinal Syrah talks about prayer being a negotiation with God

Heaven is going to be us hanging out with our bestie, it’s gonna be awesome!

Things Father Broussard has thought about, regarding prayer:

  • Luke 10 - Jesus gathers disciples, sends them in pairs to proclaim the gospel, then they come back, they report what happened... we are able to cast our demons, they said ...we have to always receive.

  • Prayer can be viewed like a human love relationship.. when he first got to seminary... praying more, his studies improved his prayer, it’s okay though to just hangout with God, like with humans. Just being with you a know... if it gets more difficult and quiet, it shows we are maturing.

  • We can’t see day to day changes of ourselves, but if we look at a picture of ourselves from 8th grade, we’d look much different. Similarly with prayer, how much have I grown years from today, not yesterday to today. We have to trust that just being there is enough for God to do his work.

  • Prayer is about what God does in us, not what we do.

Q: Should we stick with something or change it up?

Schedule, same Time each day. Try Mornings!

Variables in prayer:

  • Amount of time

  • How we are praying

  • Where you are praying

Q: What are some things that we can do to stay concentrated

  • See if we can silence the things that are distracting us.

  • Sit in a room with nothing going on. How much time are we on our phones? Be quiet.

  • We are humans because we are body and souls

  • Can’t focus? Kneel down. Remind yourself that you’re doing something different.

  • Use Images, Scripture, Rosary, Mass, Liturgy of the Hours. It’s easy to Mass as a checkbox.

  • Spiritual reading

  • Books on prayer on the saints, The saints show us about prayer through how they lived.

It’s tough to go from the business of life, straight to prayer. - Bishop Barren

That's all of my notes! Sorry if it's sporadic!

Also, I updated the website with links to pay this semesters dues for those who agreed to pay each semester separately! If you need help with dues or literally anything, don't be afraid to ask!

-Joseph Kokenge, Director


Here is Father's Broussard's list of things to read:

1. Bible

  • Lectio Divina

  • maginative Prayer (Ignatian Prayer)

2. Mass

3. Liturgy of the Hours

4. Rosary

5. Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • Part IV

6. Fr. Jacques Philippe

  • Thirsting for God

  • Time for Prayer

  • In the School of the Holy Spirit

7. Anything about or by the saints

  • It will help you to see how they prayed

8. Life of Christ – Fulton Sheen

9. Catholic Encyclopedia on Prayer

10. Prayer – Hans Urs von Balthasar (More Advanced!)

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