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General Meeting #8

General Meeting #8

How to Pray With the Bible

Have you ever wondered how to pray with the bible? Us too! Last week Heather Fasnacht gave us some simple steps on how to effectively pray with the bible. She began by telling us what the bible IS NOT.

The bible is not :

- A twitter feed

- A magic 8 ball

- An instagram bio

- A book of rules

- Boring

- Unrelatable

She explained that these are some common misconceptions about the bible and that in order to begin praying with the bible, we need to let go of these assumptions. If we think about some of the bible’s characters, we might think of Eli, and Judith who were anything but boring or David who is probably one of the most relatable characters because he fell in a big way but he is also a shining example of God’s mercy.  The bible is the word of God and a direct line to understanding who God is, and most importantly, it is not a DEAD LETTER! Heather says “God will speak to us in the here and now through scripture because he loves you”. What an awesome gift?!

Now for the practicals :

- Get a Catholic study bible that you understand. We recommend the Ignatius Study Bible and Bible Basics for Catholics

- Don’t start from the beginning. The bible is a library, you have to know which books to check out. You wouldn’t go to the library and read every book beginning with the letter and and make your way down the alphabet would you? No! So try looking up a bible timeline to guide you about what order you should read in or try searching for certain chapters on topics that you are interested in

- Don’t treat the bible like a textbook (you aren’t getting AR points) when you read the bible read it slowly and with intention and read it because you love the author.

See you next week!!!

Praise God for you! | Communications Coordinator | Haley M. Gauthier | +JMJ+

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