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RCCCC Meeting Outline 9.7.18

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Introduction of the Crew


  • Living out the Great Commission in the 21st century

How to communicate within the RCCCC

  • Slack- join the workspace!

  • This is where we will assign tasks, ask for availability, etc.

  • As to not blow up phones, a lot of times we’ll ask for replies via emojis or replies in a thread. So, practice doing that and you’ll thank me later.

  • FIRST TASK: Message Emily with your skillset: Graphics, Photography, Videography

Workflow of Communications. Ex: 501 Night

  • Emily or Joseph will find the person who is available

  • Person agrees (responsibly!) to make the graphic within a deadline

  • Person sends graphic back to Emily or Joseph (whoever assigned it) for edits/approval

  • Emily or Joseph saves the graphic and posts as necessary

  • Team celebrates a successful Communications Workflow. Woo hoo!

  • Emily and Joseph will take care of actual posting of things (except for IG Stories, which Haley and Joseph will take the lead on)

Communication DURING events

  • We’ll figure out ahead of time and ask you if we need additional help to cover events.

  • We do need photographers, so if you like to be photographer at events, let us know!

Overview of voice + graphics

  • We’ll cover more later, but our two audiences are

  • RCC Students- student aged

  • Adults/Community Members- not student aged

  • We’ll be clear if we ever need something specific here!

  • Be aware of what we put out into the world- always appropriate in our speech, text, Catholic identity, etc.

Lunch and Learns- first Friday of every month. First 15 minutes will be planning for events and specific needs, second 15-20 minutes will be learning a new skill!

  • Proposed first L&L: October 12- Resizing Graphics on Canva


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