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Welcome to John 15

Thank you for your yes! We are so excited you are here! We trust that God has a purpose for you here in John 15 and we can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year!

We are excited to announce group leader (GL) pairs! These are the students that will be walking with you and you group members throughout John 15. You will be assigned to your group at our meeting on Wednesday! The GL pairs are... drumroll please....

René Briggs — Kathryn Chapman

Charles Lormand — Madison Knott

Tanner Darbonne — Georgia Theaux

Reed Broussard — Elisabeth Piglia

Spencer Beverly — Sarah Desforges

Evan Simon — Madison Breaux

Allison Roy — Mina Juneau (Female only group)

See you Wednesday @ 7 PM in the Wisdom Library!!

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