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Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.
(Matthew 28:19-20)

Baptisms at Our Lady of Wisdom

Congratulations! When planning baptisms at Our Lady of Wisdom, please keep the following in mind:

  • Parents need to be registered active parishioners for at least 3 months prior to the baptism.

  • If you are a first-time parent or Godparent, you will need to attend a one-time baptismal class.

  • Baptisms are usually held on the first Sunday of the month after 10 am Mass.

  • According to Canon Law, you are required to have at least one active, confirmed Roman Catholic Godparent over 16 years of age who is in good standing with the Church. If there are two Godparents, they must be of the opposite sex. If there is only one, a baptized Christian can serve as a witness.

  • See the link below to download a Godparent Certification Form. This form must be completed and turned in prior to child’s baptism.

  • To register your child or to find more information on Baptismal classes, contact

Choosing a Godparent

Parents of a newborn Catholic have a responsibility to baptize their baby and choose a Godparent. This person, or people, if you have two, stand with you to profess the faith of the child. It is a weighty responsibility and must not be taken lightly.

Godparent Requirements
  • As stated in Canon Law 872-874, there are specific requirements in choosing a Godparent. Only one Godparent is required, but two are acceptable. Should you wish for your child to have two godparents, you must choose two persons of the opposite sex. If there is only one, a baptized Christian might be asked to witness the baptism.

  • The Godparents need to be Catholics who have had the sacraments of Baptism, ReconciliationHoly Communion, and Confirmation. If married, they must be sacramentally married.

  • They cannot be the baby’s mother or father.

  • The Godparents must not be bound by canonical penalty.

  • The Godparents must be mature and sixteen or older.

  • Each must want to be a Godparent and be willing to help teach the faith to the child, if necessary.

  • Godparents must be present in the baptism to say their commitment. If a Godparent is not able to attend, a proxy can stand in his/her place. The Godparent’s name, not the proxy’s, will appear on the Baptismal Certificate and the Baptismal Record. However, at least one Godparent must be present at the baptism. They should be available to help the parents and they should be close to the family. They need to be good examples of Christians who are active in and committed to their faith.

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