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Wisdom Bulletin Online

Church Office is open Monday - Friday.

Call 337-232-8742.

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Our Prayer Intentions

Pray for our Parishioners & Friends:

Chris Launey

Heather Krausse

Sarah Landry

Gayle Alexander
Eric Baquet & Family
Jerry Caillier
Mary Usner

Jeanne Travasos

Ethan Mayeux

Hunter Fruge

Elizabeth Sibley (Deceased)

Hilton Langley (Deceased)

Our Lady of Wisdom Vocations

If you would like to add someone to the

prayer list, please call Colette in the office: 232-8742.

October Birthdays and Anniversaries

3rd Robin Toups
4th Corlee Comeaux
6th Brent Coleman
12th Joseph Mickel
13th Briana Myers
15th Deacon Kyle Polozola
15th Jonas Lowery

16th Camille Domingue
17th Barbara Authement
17th Ethan Mayeux
17th Philip Cortese
18th Jean-Luc & Amy Billeaudeaux WA
19th Dr. Ray Authement (Deceased)
20th Madeleine Hernandez
23rd Aaron Williams
23rd Todd & Colette LeBlanc WA
25th Hutch Pharr
26th Annie Ducote
26th Mark & Mary Hernandez WA
27th Lucy Coleman
27th Charles Chase Schumacher
30th Miguel Pagán
30th Catherine Castille

Prayer Intentions
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