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Church Office is open Monday - Friday.

Call 337-232-8742.

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Our Prayer Intentions

Pray for our Parishioners & Friends:

Gayle Alexander

Matt Brundrette
Michael Franco
Amy Vitte
Elliot Trahan
Frank Boudreaux
Eric Baquet & Family
Jerry Caillier
Elizabeth Sibley & Family
Mary Usner

Hilton Langley (Deceased)

Hilda LeBlanc (Deceased)

Gayle Savoie (Deceased)
Holly Hollis Stars (Deceased)
Kirby Arceneaux (Deceased)
Elena Pagan (Deceased)
Coco Blanco (Deceased)
Ray Authement (Deceased)
Tom Hopkins (Deceased)

If you would like to add someone to the

prayer list, please call Colette in the office: 232-8742.

November Birthdays and Anniversaries

3rd Robin Toups
3rd Gabriela Eversberg
4th Corlee Comeaux
6th Brent Coleman
12th Joseph Mickel
13th Briana Myers
15th Deacon Kyle Polozola
15th Jonas Lowery
16th Camille Domingue
17th Barbara Authement
17th Ethan Mayeux
17th Philip Cortese
18th Jean-Luc & Amy Billeaudeaux WA
20th Madeleine Hernandez
23rd Aaron Williams
23rd Todd & Colette LeBlanc WA
25th Hutch Pharr
26th Annie Ducote
26th Mark & Mary Hernandez WA
27th Lucy Coleman
27th Charles Chase Schumacher
29th Taylor Callais
30th Miguel Pagán
30th Catherine Castille


Pray for Priests

1 Pope Francis
2 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
3 Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel
4 Bishop Emeritus Michael Jarrell
5 Rev. Gregory Cormier
6 Rev. Msgr. Douglas Courville, JCL
7 Rev. Randy Courville
8 Rev. Robert Courville
9 Rev. Angelo Cremaldi
10 Rev. Barry Crochet
11 Rev. Francis Damoah, SVD
12 Rev. Hampton Davis
13 Rev. Msgr. Jefferson DeBlanc
14 Rev. Michael DeBlanc
15 Rev. Edward Degeyter
16 Rev. Michael Delcambre
17 Rev. Mark Derise
18 Rev. Msgr. Keith Derouen
19 Rev. Paul Deutsch, SJ
20 Rev. Kenneth Domingue
21 Rev. Dustin Dought
22 Rev. Gregory Todd Downs
23 Rev. Blake Dubroc
24 Rev. Wayne Duet
25 Rev. Casey Dugas
26 Rev. Willard Dugas
27 Rev. Edward Duhon
28 Rev. Jacob Dumont, LC
29 Rev. Nicholas Dupre (On leave)
30 Rev. Gilbert Dutel

Pray for Seminarians

1 Rev. Blake Dubroc, Dir. Of Vocations & Seminarians
2 Seminary Faculty, Parents & Benefactors of Seminarians
3 Brent Didier
4 Carter Domingue
5 John Dugas
6 Tre’ Fontenot
7 Bro. John Paul, CJC (William Fruge)
8 Rev. Mr. David Furka
9 Bro. Francis Xavier, CJC (Jace Gyles)
10 Coby Hebert
11 Evan Hebert
12 William Hebert
13 Caleb Henry

14 Eric Hernandez
15 Michael Johnson
16 Jacob LeBlanc
17 Bret Lee
18 Christopher Lee
19 Stephen Melancon
20 Giovanni Ranzino
21 Rev. Mr. Michael Vidrine
22 Cole Zaunbrecher
23 Rev. Mr. Reed Bellingham
24 Bennet Bodin
25 Nicholas “Nico” Broussard
26 Haden Coleman
27 Brent Didier
28 Carter Domingue
29 John Dugas
30 Tre’ Fontenot