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Upcoming events, important registrations, and our prayer intentions.

Our Prayer Intentions

Pray for our Parishioners & Friends:

Sharae Lytle

Zoe Thomas

Frank Boudreaux

Roxanne Mannina

Tom Hopkins

Nina McManus

Holly Hollis Stars

Eric Baquet & Family

Carmen Billedeaux

Jerry Caillier

Iris Castille

Tom Hopkins

Chris Launey & Heather Krause and Family

Hilda LeBlanc

Elizabeth Sibley & Family

Mary Usner

Kirby Arceneaux (Deceased)

Elena Pagan (Deceased)

Coco Blanco (Deceased)

Paul Michael Domingue (Deceased)

Lane Roy (Deceased)

John Michael Chachere, Sr. (Deceased)

Tammy Harry (Deceased)

Shawn Bradley (Deceased)

Louis Roth (Deceased)

Ray Authement (Deceased)

If you would like to add someone to the

prayer list, please call Colette in the office: 232-8742.

April Birthdays and Anniversaries

2nd Eric Hernandez

4th Zélie Thomas

4th Joy Murphy

6th Madison Holland

7th Lisa Sellers

8th Paul Monier

10th Stephen Holland

10th Dan Hare

11th Ashley Sellers

11th Fr. Bryce Sibley

13th Davis Thomas

14th Charlotte Schexnayder

16th Georgia Theaux

17th Jean-Luc Billeaudeaux

17th Jack & Alma Proffitt / WA

18th Gwen Landreneau

22nd Edward Schexnayder

23rd Ethan Comeaux

26th Jeane Moya

30th Maddie Broussard


Prayer for Priests

March List

1 Pope Francis

2 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

3 Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel

4 Bishop Emeritus Michael Jarrell

5 Rev. Charles Thibodeaux, SJ

6 Rev. Jude Thierry

7 Rev. Bernardo Torres, LC

8 Rev. Charles Nicholas Trahan

9 Rev. Clint Trahan

10 Rev. Harold Trahan

11 Rev. John Lan Tran, SJ

12 Rev. Sai Tran, SVD

13 Rev. Eugene Tremie

14 Rev. Stephen Ugwu

15 Rev. Gregory Usselman, LC

16 Rev. Jason Vidrine

17 Rev. Richard Vidrine

18 Very Rev. Thomas Voorhies, VF

19 Rev. Thomas Vu

20 Rev. Augustine Wall, SVD

21 Rev. Derrick Weingartner, SJ

22 Rev. Kyle White

23 Rev. Ryszard Zawadzki, SVD

24 Rev. Travis Abadie

25 Rev. Lawrence Abara

26 Rev. Ambrose Akalawu, CSSp

27 Rev. Alexander Albert

28 Rev. Thainese Alphonse

29 Rev. Anthony Anala, SVD

30 Rev. Rick Andrus, SVD

Prayer for Seminarians

March List

1 Rev. Patrick Broussard, Director of Seminarians

2 Rev. Blake Dubroc, Director of Vocations

3 Seminary Faculty, Parents & Benefactors of Seminarians

4 Jace Gyles

5 James Hamilton

6 Evan Hebert

7 Caleb Henry

8 Eric Hernandez

9 Luke Kirk

10 Alex Lancon

11 Jacob LeBlanc

12 Bret Lee

13 Calvin LeMaire

14 Rev. Mr. Seth Lemaire

15 Joseph Marcantel

16 Riley Maturin

17 Stephen Melancon

18 Brian Nguyen

19 Rev. Mr. Connor Poirrier

20 Michael Vidrine

21 Nicholas Ware

22 Cole Zaunbrecher

23 Pier Zeringue

24 Dylan Allen

25 Reed Bellingham

26 Haden Coleman

27 Rev. Mr. Casey Dugas

28 John Dugas

29 Tré Fontenot

30 David Furka

Wisdom Budget awareness

The 2020 - 2021 budget has been adjusted for COVID restrictions and a smaller staff. For comparison, our budget was $1,350,000 in 2018 - 2019 when we were operating at full capacity. To learn more about stewardship, please visit ragincajuncatholics.org/donate and navigate using the top bar.

2020 - 2021 Annual Budget


Avg. Monthly Income Needed



Offertory Gifts

Building + Maintenance Gifts

Program Fees

RCC Merchandise Sales

Annual Fund Gifts










- $7,203

Monthly Income Less Monthly Expenses


Offertory Gifts

Building & Maintenance Gifts

Program Fees

Given in the weekend church pew collection or given online to support the parish & student center.

Given to support the repair and maintenance of our aging facility.

Collected for participation in programs like catechism, retreats, or similar.

Annual Fund Gifts

The Annual fund began in 2010 to provide needed additional support for Wisdom's college campus ministry, and the programs and services that are integral to our mission.

Capital Campaign Gifts

Designated for Our New Home. Gifts are earning interest until we are finally able to break ground for our long-awaited new Sanctuary & Student Center.

Our Lady of wisdom
and catholic student center



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