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Holy Week & Easter Volunteers

Holy Week is the biggest liturgical week of the year and lots of help is needed.  Children accompanied by an adult are welcome to assist!  Come one day or join us  for the entire week! Thanks for your generosity during this very special season in the Church honoring the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Church Plant helpers

Volunteers needed to assist with the plants in the sanctuary during the liturgical seasons of Christmas, Easter, and Ordinary time. You don't even need a green thumb, just a love for Christ and his Church. Plants can be cared for around your schedule!

Volunteer with Catholic Charities of Acadiana

Catholic Charities of Acadiana volunteers serve across various programs and departments to help extend the reach of our staff in bringing professional, timely, prompt, and adequate service to each client or community supporter in their unique, individual circumstances.  

Interested in serving as an altar server? Contact Veronica Pagan.
Interested in join the choir or liturgical music? Contact Duston Stout.

Looking for


Scheduler Pro?

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Join the 1/1/1 campaign

1 Church, 1 School, and 1 Business sign up for a month-long food drive to team up against hunger and stock the FoodNet food bank.

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