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Spring 2023

Cardinal Newman


The Cardinal Newman Lecture Series is a tradition that dates back to the 1950s. The Fall 2023 Lecture will be presented by Elizabeth Lev.


Faith, Art,
and Beauty

Why it Mattered in the Past and Why it Matters Now

Presented by
Elizabeth Lev

February 16 • 7:00 PM

Elizabeth Lev is a transplanted US art historian with degrees from University of Chicago and University of Bologna. She has been working as a guide in Rome for over 20 years and teaches at Duquesne University’s Italian campus as well as the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. She loves Rome, its history, art, cuisine and people and is happiest in its many churches and museums. She has served as a commissioner of the Tourism board of Rome and a didactic consultant for the Vatican Museums. Liz is also the author of 4 books and has commented on art and the papacy for several television networks. She has taught and lectured in numerous venues in Europe, the US, Singapore, and Australia, including an address at the United Nations in New York. Her recent projects include a series of columns for the Epoch Times on the light of art throughout dark times in history.

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